Inner Beauty is now offering pamper parties to both adults and children. With a wide range of treatments there is something to suit everyones needs and budget! For availability please call or send me an email. All contact information is found on the 'contact us' page.


2 therapists can be provided to cater for larger party sizes.  



Children's treatments to choose from:

Face painting

Mini facials (Cleanse, deep cleanse, mask, toner and moisturise)

File and polish manicure

File and polish pedicure


Prices for children's treatments are:

1 Treatment - £8

2 Treatments - £11

3 Treatments - £14


Adult's treatments to choose from:

Neck, back and shoulder massage

Head and face massage

File and polish manicure

File and polish Pedicure

Express Facial (Cleanse, deep cleanse, mask, tone and moisturise)

Mini manicure (File, cuticle work and polish)

Mini pedicure (File, cuticle work and polish)

Luxury manicure (File, cuticle work, exfoliant, massage and polish)

Luxury pedicure (File, cuticle work, exfoliant, massage and polish)

Eyebrow waxing


Prices are the same as on the main prices page for adult treatments.